frequently asked questions

I have coeliac disease: can I use Pegaso probiotics? 
Pegaso probiotics are entirely gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with coeliac disease. They have been listed in the AIC (Italian coeliac association) directory since 2011.

I have an intolerance to lactose and milk: can I use Pegaso probiotics? 
Pegaso probiotics are entirely free from milk, milk-derivatives and lactose. They are therefore suitable for people with an intolerance to these foods.

I have an intolerance to maize and potatoes: can I use Pegaso probiotics containing maltodextrin from maize or potatoes?
The use of maltodextrins is necessary for the production of probiotics. Maltodextrins are totally purified of their source ingredient, so that no trace of it remains, and the finished product is totally free from sensitising substances.

What is the meaning of the numerical code that appears next to the names of the bacteria used in Pegaso probiotics? 
The alpha-numeric code indicates the strain of bacteria. It’s a kind of ID card that uniquely identifies every ingredient of the product. This makes it possible to give the product unique, defined characteristics, which are reproducible over time. The code is filed with international scientific institutes (such as the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the American Type Culture Collection or the B.C.C.M. Collection in Brussels) for the purpose of certifying and guaranteeing the identity and hence the quality of the strain of bacteria used.

How can I use products in drinkable phials for a very young child? 
You can suck up the contents of the phial with a syringe, and, after removing the needle, administer the liquid to the child.

Are products based on oligo-elements suitable for children under the age of 3? 
The products from the Oligo-Lithotherapy line contain micro-concentrations (in other words extremely small quantities) of minerals that help stimulate the natural functions of the body, but offer very high levels of tolerability. They are therefore suitable for all ages.

Can I use Axidophilus Junior probiotic for a child under the age of 3?
Axidophilus Junior is designed and formulated to meet the needs of children, including unweaned babies. The product’s ingredients are chosen not only for their effectiveness but also for the safety of their use in children. The contents of the single-dose sachet dissolves instantly in the mouth, but can also be dissolved in water (not hot) or in a baby bottle.