When our life-styles involve stress, dietary excesses or lunches on the go, shortages of essential nutrients, time spent in polluted urban environments (traffic, noise, smog) or consumption of alcohol or tobacco, not to mention long-term or occasional use of antibiotics, recurrent worries and the emotions associated with them… our bodies accumulate toxins and react physiologically to eliminate them.

If your body is in a state of imbalance, your vitality levels dip and your ability to resist environmental and atmospheric attack declines.

In order to eliminate these toxins and return to a state of balance (or homoeostasis), the body has recourse to physiological strategies that can result in:

  • mucus secretion
  • digestive difficulties
  • abdominal bloating
  • recurrent headaches
  • bad breath
  • dull, irritable skin with widespread itching
  • acne
  • dull or greasy hair
  • dandruff
  • fragile nails
  • fever
  • recurrent bacterial infections
  • impaired intestinal activity
  • muscle and joint pain
  • cellulite
  • inexplicable tiredness
  • edginess and recurrent ill-being
  • recurrent headaches

In order to carry on fulfilling our many everyday commitments (work, family, sport, free time, personal relationships) in the face of ill-being of this type – which tends to be generalised and non-specific – we instinctively turn to pharmaceutical medication (anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers) with a view to getting rid of the symptoms and carrying on with our lives.

By doing so, however, we inhibit the physiological mechanisms of detoxification deployed by the body and we actually help toxins stay inside us: deposits of toxins thus build up over time, slowing down and impairing the physiological function of the organism. And what is the inevitable result? We pave the way for illness to set in.

Let’s look at ill-being from a fresh perspective and learn to listen to ourselves.
And let’s support the work of the organs responsible for eliminating toxins, known as the excretory organs (liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, intestine and lungs). Specific vegetable extracts exist which are capable of assisting and promoting the processes of detoxification and drainage of our bodies.

In order to function properly, our bodies need to eliminate metabolic waste, i.e. toxins, from the cells (tissues and organs) on a daily basis. To help them do this, profound cleansing is necessary through the action of drainage.

Draining means getting rid of toxins and excess fluids, and involves all the organs responsible for this function.

Drainage is a systemic action involving the entire body: it stimulates the centrifugal expulsion of toxins and metabolic waste from cells, and carries them out of all the tissues and organs thanks to the specific action of the excretory organs.

So let’s help our bodies’ natural drainage mechanisms with specific vegetable extracts that promote excretory organ function, so as to keep our physiological systems fit.

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