1990 to 1995

Pegaso, the winged horse as a metaphor of “speed of services”:

  • Our goal was reducing the time of goods delivery,
  • thanks to the use of the first express couriers in replacement of the postal service and to the introduction of a working system allowing to reduce the order processing time, and therefore the waiting time for the customer.


2007 to the present

The Pegaso trademark is restyled again in 2007, so as to reflect the company’s market and sphere of operation more effectively. The new Pegaso trademark symbolically represents the company’s mission. Its circular shape develops into a sphere, symbolising equilibrium and an all-embracing, holistic approach. The stylised depiction of an embrace inside the sphere symbolises:

  • personal care
  • the importance of contact and interaction
  • the integration of various methods of treatment, involving science and nature, mind and body
  • people working together towards a goal in which they believe

The new pay-off further defines and distinguishes the company, by making its mission and positioning explicit. Its soft but solid look highlights the company’s harmonious approach, while the fresh, natural colours recall the modern, innovative world of the web


1995 to 2007

Pegaso develops the previous trademark into a new design, so as to reflect the company’s market and sphere of operation – Natural Wellness – more specifically. So the winged horse gives way to a sun – symbolising vitality, energy, interior equilibrium and a holistic view of human health – crossed by symbolic wings, to retain a graphic link with the past. The tones of the previous brand fuse into a new corporate colour, reminiscent of the sun in the sky, for use on all packaging and promotional material.