Here’s another way to wellness, which Pegaso has honed over the years by developing the ability to integrate different methods of treatment. It’s a way that takes the best of all the experience of traditional medicine and current scientific knowledge, to create a unique product.

Pegaso harnesses the combined effects of vitamin and mineral supplements with phytotherapy and oligotherapy, to create formulations that act in a complementary, synergistic manner and provide effective, natural solutions that respect the integrity and harmony of the human organism. Pegaso products use only elements and ingredients of natural origin, which enable people to rebalance their physiology by means of complementary strategies.

Pegaso draws inspiration from the principles biological medicine: this approach puts the emphasis on the root causes of illness, and instead of aiming to treat symptoms in isolation, takes a broader view geared towards establishing and eliminating their causes.

The cornerstones of the Pegaso philosophy are:

  • The importance of prevention and developing a culture of prevention, so as to anticipate the onset of potential illness and restore the balance of the body’s physiological functions, through the administration of natural substances that help maintain long-term wellness and provide a useful aid for sportspeople.
  • The promotion and dissemination of healthier behaviour and life-styles, with a view to enhancing the balance of both body and mind.

Thanks to ongoing research, dissemination, training and education, Pegaso aims to train and educate people to help them maintain their long-term physical and mental wellness.

But the Pegaso philosophy does not end with the quality of its products: harmony and equilibrium are the factors that dictate everything the company does, from its approach to business to the quality of its relations with people, suppliers and customers, and its social awareness and responsibility.