Pegaso offers highly effective, top-quality formulations developed in full consideration of human physiology and the value of the individual. Pegaso Quality is the result of a specific ethical and professional choice: all products originate as a response to health issues faced by individuals, through the application of research and scientific rigour to the natural product, in order to offer innovative solutions and safe, effective formulations

Pegaso quality products:

  • derive from in-depth bibliographical research into the efficacy of the active ingredients;
  • derive from the selecting the best Italian and international raw materials;
  • meet the criteria of total traceability established by the applicable regulations, by means of direct controls in accordance with stringent procedures for the assessment of suppliers, production laboratories and analysis laboratories at every step of the process;
  • undergo scheduled analyses by certified laboratories in order to verify the quality and stability of the products; this is a voluntary procedure that Pegaso chooses to implement above and beyond its legal obligations;
  • undergo observational clinical studies for assessing the efficacy and safety of the products;
  • exclude the use of sensitising substances such as lactose and gluten, and are GMO-free.

Informing consumers effectively is Pegaso’s latest goal, which it has chosen to achieve by means of the INFO PACK SYSTEM, a new form of communication that makes information accessible to everyone.

With the INFO PACK system, Pegaso promotes transparency and full, objective information, by turning its packaging into a handy medium that’s quick and easy to consult. INFO PACK provides everyone with an effective fact-finding system that facilitates interaction with the product and is always close to hand

The Pegaso production cycle adheres to the concept of total quality and total traceability in accordance with the applicable legislation (Italian decree law 169/2004).

The production plants are authorised to produce food supplements by the Italian Health Ministry and are selected by Pegaso on the basis of their degree of specialisation in the various types of production (tablets, capsules, liquids, phials, oral sprays, etc.).
The entire production system undergoes quality controls designed to ensure the long-term safety and efficacy of our products.
Our control systems meet the food hygiene and safety requirements (HACCP system, decree laws 155/07 and 852/04) established in European guidelines.

Since 2002, furthermore, Pegaso has subscribed to the Company Qualification Programme (PQA) that FederSalus offers its members.

The gluten-free symbol that has appeared on the packaging of Pegaso products since 2011 was created to communicate the company’s care for the most sensitive people.
Pegaso is extending its attention to everyone affected by food sensitivity, and intends to use this symbol to convey a clear message to consumers that all Pegaso products are:

federsalus-logoFederSalus, Federazione Nazionale Produttori Prodotti Salutistici, is the Italian, non-profit, apolitical, independent trade association for the health products industry (food supplements, fortified foods, dietary products, herbalist products and functional foods), of which Pegaso is a founder-member.



From April to September, we use Temperature-Controlled Transport for the shipment of all heat-sensitive products. This means that products are kept at a constant average temperature of 8-25° C.
This system, which guarantees safety and shelf-life, remains in place for the entire summer season.