Pegaso and sustainability

Running a modern business means taking account of its impact on the world at local and global level, and on the people who interact with it and share its values: in this spirit, we have decided to start producing Sustainability Reports, with effect from 2013, in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines. This is a voluntary reporting system through which companies can measure and demonstrate their impact in terms of sustainable development by evaluating the optimum balance between economics, environment and social commitment.

Click here and view the 2014 Environment and Social Responsibility report

Pegaso and the environment

Pegaso’s sensitivity to environmental issues finds expression in everything it does.
All goods are packaged and packed for shipment in recyclable materials, provided such materials guarantee the safety and stability of the products in question. So we use:

  • Recyclable GLASS and PET bottles;
  • Air bearing AirPlus used to protect the disposable products in plastic;
  • Recyclable cardboard;
  • Tape made of recyclable polypropylene.