What’s the role of sport in your life: career, passion or simply a way of unleashing your body’s full potential?

Every SPORTSPERSON has different aims and needs depending on the type of activity practised. Endurance activities are associated with high intensity and duration, requiring a high level of energy expenditure. Help your body to cope with supplements that promote the use of stored muscle fat, boost energy, balance oxidation stress and increase your ability to adapt to mental and physical fatigue.




People who practise sport are subjecting their body to physical activity of higher or lower intensity that needs to be supported.

To achieve quality athletic performance levels in compliance with the physiology of the human body we need a varied and complete diet, supplementing our daily food intake with natural products able to exert a synergistic action. Pegaso’s sport products are designed, formulated and created with a common goal: to achieve personal wellness and rebalance the body’s vital energy.


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“Triathlon Race Program”


Physical exercise and sport among children should always be playful and recreational in nature, but it remains important to take account of the associated high levels of mental and physical energy expenditure.

This means acting to aid natural defence mechanisms and promoting a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables… often foods that children find unappetising.