Sport package: Sprint4Win Regobasic

Sport package: Sprint4Win Regobasic

Sport package composed of: 10 sachet of Sprint4Win and 1 piece of Regobasic (12 pouches of dust)

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Sport package composed of: 10 sachet of Sprint4Win and 1 piece of Regobasic (12 pouches of dust).


A food supplement comprising base calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese and zinc salts. Calcium, magnesium and potassium maintain normal muscle function; Zinc contributes to normal acid-base metabolism.

Useful for

  • High-protein and ketogenic diets: these diets can result in rapid weight loss, but they also produce high quantities of acidic waste. Base salts have a buffer effect
  • Unbalanced diet: excessive consumption of meat and foods of animal origin, and low intake of fruit and vegetables
  • Sport: thanks to its beneficial effect on muscle function (magnesium, calcium, potassium)
  • Tiredness and fatigue (magnesium)
  • Promoting bone function (calcium)
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free (listed in the A.I.C. directory – italian society for the celiac disease)
  • No added sugar


Sprint4win is the new ready-to-drink energy gel for endurance sportspeople, comprising maltodextrin and dextrose, with vitamin C, Oxxynea®, zeaxanthin, vitamin B6, carnitine, chromium picolinate, rhodiola and Andean maca. Lemon flavour.

It’s a complete, all-natural formulation of 4 products in 1 designed to meet the needs of sportspeople during training and competition. Rhodiola and Andean maca are plants known for their tonic effects and ability to combat stress and fatigue; Oxxynea® is a mixture of vegetables selected for their polyphenol content; vitamin C contributes to protecting the cells against oxidative stress; and vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue and tiredness and maintain physiological energy metabolism.

BEFORE RACE: combats physical and psychological stress before the event, and regulates energy metabolism.

DURING RACE: provides prolonged, ready energy, combats oxidative stress and delays the onset of fatigue due to its adaptogenic effect.

A vegan carbo load, it is:

  • Caffeine-free
  • Guarana-free
  • Synthetic sweetener-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free

Chi l’ha provato dice:

  • 95% superdigestible and tastes nice
  • 83% reduces tiredness
  • 80% taste is not long-lasting


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