A woman’s path through life may be shared, at some point, with her children.

Pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon that is unique in nature because it involves symbiosis between two partially different individuals. This type of coexistence calls for refined and complex regulation of the immune system of both mother and foetus in order to guarantee efficient protection against possible infections, while simultaneously allowing the process of invasion of the “extraneous” embryonic tissue and avoiding situations in which physiological immunity reaction mechanisms occurring in the mother’s body may become potentially harmful for the embryo.
That’s why it’s so important for future mums to maintain their microbiota (gut flora) efficient and properly balanced.
Diet is equally important: combine carbohydrates and protein at each meal, increase protein intake, opt for full grain cereals and be sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Except in the presence of contrary advice given by your gynaecologist, constant physical exercise is recommended for the full 9-month term.
The following is a selection of Pegaso products that can provide valuable supplements during pregnancy.



Mother’s milk plays an invaluable role in supporting natural defence mechanisms, gut flora and the metabolism in general. From birth to weaning and beyond, there may be multiple reasons for dietary supplementation.

The use of food supplements is recommended in the case of prolonged dietary deficiencies or incorrect nutrition, if diet is based on low nutrient foods (pre-cooked, cooked, processed, or refined) and in all cases of unbalanced diet high in refined fats and sugars and low in vitamins, fibre and mineral salts. A properly composed diet will aid healthy and balanced growth for your newborn child.